I am not only sick I am slowly dying. I think I had 40 degree fever two days ago and I still can’t stand straight and I am very bitchy.

Raed calls me once and never does again as if he is going to catch a bug thru the phone, G. calls me just to tell me he might be going on a trip to Syria and say “go go” the moment he hears my cough, my brother doesn’t let me use his internet account and the whole world is out to get me. I crawled out of bed wearing a hundred layers of clothing to get to an internet place because I got sick of reading in bed (“all tommorow’s parties” and a book called “1000 classic italian recepies”……….. don’t say a word!). and what does the world look like outside? nice and sunny with wispy clouds in the sky, I told you everything sucks.

The reason I am in such bad health is because of a third Newsnight thing which did not get shown in the end. and although Raed knew I had a very high fever and could barely stand straight his hormones decided that he had to go have lunch with someone form the opposite sex instead of helping with the edit and never came back. I really hope they show it before they go off air for the holidays. and I sure hope Raed didn’t enjoy his lunch with her.
too concerned with my own miseries to care about the miseries in the world around me, sorry.

The little cartoon on the left of this page made me laugh, it’s the Guardian Unlimited Blogging software review thingy. The reviwer isn’t exactly a Blogger fan.

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