it had a small inscription near the base: “we are living the American democracy”. I am kind of glad it isn’t life-size but it still makes you wince.


since I am not prepared to get myself in pointless discussions and all the headache…..

this post was going to be titled [Why it is great to be living in Baghdad these days]; and that refers to the beautiful fact that with all the mess we are in there are still people here who have chosen to express ideas and views thru art and put those opinions out there for discussion in ways that do not involve throwing explosives at each other. Freedom to express and discuss.


I decided to have a bit of fun and not put that title just to see what sort of reaction this post will get and I am disappointed to say that it is the same old shit. Those who want to force feed me “democracy” are not prepared to listen to another point of view even when presented to them in such a civilized and non violent way.

So in the words of Snow Patrol “I’ll sing it one last time for you / and then we really have to go”. I thought democracy was supposed to be about listening to the other point of view and working to find the middle ground. I think the artist’s ironic comment is justified since you really are not prepared to hear his voice unless he says something you like. He made his point.

and you seem to have not read your copy of [Democracy for Idiots]

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