Listen to The Fat Whiner

(recorded 17/5/2005)
In today’s podcast:
I wonder what happened to the deck of cards.
I get a bit upset at how sectarian the Iraqi National Assembly is acting.
I unashamedly admit being smitten by Australian pop Divas who wear feathery headgear. And there is a song about fantastic cats.

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Amer Rasheed is the 6 of spades in that deck and he used to head the Military Industrialization Corporation. He was minister of Oil when the war started. His wife Rihab Taha, is not actually on the list of 55 but she was considered an important target because of her work on developing biological weapons hence the Dr. Germ title.

Anyway it has been 5 days now since that report was broadcast on al-Sharqiya and nothing happened so I guess it was just a rumor. And there is also no news about Tariq Aziz’s lawyer either. They are probably all busy now getting the case against the Sun ready for showing Saddam in his underwear.
For god’s sake, the front page? Yikes and ewwww! How many people decided to skip breakfast after seeing that?

So we know how he washes his underwear now but what I really want to know about him and the other high level detainees is are they talking? And what the hell are they telling their American captors?

I swear the most fun news you get these days is coming out of the National Assembly.

Although the Constitutional Committee’s missing Sunnis Drama has been going on for a week there still seems to be no resolution anytime soon. Actually the whole Assembly hasn’t gone down to business yet because they are still squabbling about committees and who heads them. The number of committees within the Assembly has swelled beyond control they realized they needed to do away with a couple of them, that’s after having spent way too much time inventing them. First to go was the De-ba’athification Committee, which I found a bit surprising considering how keen the Jafari government is on pushing this through.

According to the Time Line laid down by one of our previous government, can’t be bothered to look up which, the National Assembly should have a draft constitution in August or latest September for Iraqis to vote on. May only has 10 more days left in it and the committee hasn’t yet met once and it doesn’t look like they are going to during the coming week. So at best they have 90 days to write Iraq’s permanent constitution and have a national referendum on it. Ha. Fil mish mish.

I would like my constitutions well done and gently cooked please, no medium raw for me, thank you.

If the NA does manage to get the job done would we get an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for fastest written constitution?

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