What the hell do you think you’re doing?
So while the current Iraqi government is trying REALLY hard to bring in the Sunni factions which boycotted the elections into the fold again to sit down and work on the constitution what does the US forces do? They go and arrest the head of the most important Sunni political party.

Iraq Sunni political leader arrested.
(AFP) – The leader of Iraq’s main Sunni party was hooded and arrested by US forces in Baghdad, along with his three sons.

and this after the party he heads (Iraq Islamic party) expressed its interest in taking part in the political process.
Now, if this is done with the knowledge of Jafari’s then way to go sir. You have just set an example on how to be all inclusive and open minded about the future of Iraq. And if this was done by US forces without consultation with the Iraqi government (which I somehow suspect) then Habibis, GET WITH IT! We are trying to limit damages here and while we take a step forward your actions have just thrown us four steps back.

This really isn’t good news. And al-Sharqiya just reported from the press conference at the Islamic party headquarters where the spokesman said that the translator with the American forces arresting Hameed and his sons told Hammed that this is what happens to you when you don’t take part in the elections. Now that is a translator that needs bitch slapping. Even worse if this was something the American soldiers told him to translate.

I don’t get it. So Condi comes to Iraq preaching that Sunni parties are included in the constitution writing process and a week later they arrest the head of THE one party who might be able to see sense?

The arrest happened after a day of intense fighting in al-Ameriyah district, west of Baghdad, where Hameed lives. Al-Sharqyia also reported that the Kubaisis mosque in the same district was surrounded by Iraqi police this morning but no reasons were given, and a second Sunni mosque in north of Baghdad was raided.

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