he was detained by mistake !!

Oh…… get out of here. Mistake? Abdul-Hameed? You don’t know who Abdul-Hamid is? Where the hell have you been the last two years?
and could you have chosen a better time? This was the last thing we needed, while we try to heal a wound you jab your finger in it?

It is very difficult to argue for your good will as it is and with the “mistakes” you keep making…..

I don’t think the Islamic Party is going to do what they did during the elections and boycott the process of writing the constitution, even though the arrest was very humiliating, but with actions like these you have given them another point for their argument that there will be no way we can move forward while you won’t respect political figures and even worse you bypass the Iraqi goverenmnt with decisions that have direct influence on how successful their mission is.

You talk the talk but habibi, you need to do the walk as well.
and now ladies and gentlemen the US forces perform for your pleasure The Bravery’s “An Honest Mistake”.
all together now:

Really guys this was not funny at all and saying yet again “ooops sorry” is getting a bit tedious.

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