Something happened today which I thought would never happen. I found something an Iraqi MP who is part of a Sadr-ist movement more than just reasonable but necessary.
During the debate in the National Assembly this guy brought up a subject that wasn’t relevant to the discussion but boy did he poke a hornet’s nest with his question. The question was how could he have sent Zebari (minister for Foreign Affairs) to the UNSC to ask for the “Multinational” forces to stay without consulting the National Assembly. He also read a paragraph from the Transitional Law that is supposed to say that the PM has no right to act on this issue without consulting the Iraqi NA.

To refresh your memory; Jafari didn’t wait much after announcing his cabinet to send his minister for Foreign Affairs to the UNSC to ask the Security Council members to extend the occupation.

U.N. Renews Iraq Security Mandate

The council approved the statement after Iraq’s Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari again urged members to renew the mandate for the multinational force, saying Iraqi troops and police cannot yet defend the country against an armed insurgency by remnants of Saddam Hussein’s regime and some foreigners.

Renewing the mandate for is THE issue here in Iraq. And during the elections campaign the Iraqi Alliance in which Jafari’s Dawa party is a key member was acting all indignant about the occupation. And what does he do when he sits in the PM’s chair? He goes behind everybody’s back and asks the occupation to be extended.
I personally think Zebari’s argument at the Security Council is right and we had to do it but the point is, Mr. jafari, is you should respect the will of the people by addressing their representatives at the NA on an important issue like that

Oh, and I have something for Mr. Jafari to hum while he is in his shower:

You want a warning
You got a warning
Stab your back

Hey, fuck the people

The Kills

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