Electricity was off for the last 10 hours (thank you Basra!), water’s gone as well and the news from the National Assembly doesn’t really sound very optimistic.

So looking for some distraction I clicked through my bookmarks and stumbled upon this post from The Religious Policeman (via. Iraqi Bloggers Central)

Welcome to Sunny Saudi Arabia

If you have not read it yet then go it is really funny, IBC picked on the hilarious Saudi swimwear fashion line (via RP, go on click the link it is the funniest thing you’ll ever see standing by a pool)

(The Religious Policeman asking about the one or two hotels that allow women to swim in their pools)

RP: And can the women go topless?
M: Certainly not. They must keep their heads covered at all times.

My favorite line is about visas given only to men or married couples

RP: And what about couples who aren’t married, or gay couples?
M: Well as you know, we behead homosexuals, and stone adulterous or loose women to death, so it’s probably best if we don’t let them in in the first place, otherwise there’ll be no end of paperwork.

It is a brilliant post.


Since we are on the subject of religion.
There is a program on al-Iraqiya TV called Khali Nsoolif (let’s talk) it is one guy who takes phone calls and shows a couple of reports which he discusses with the authorities concerned, today’s show was about the ministry of education. He showed a report about a school, which he described as doing something remarkable, and should get all the support it needs from the government.

The school had opened computer summer courses for kids. What is so special about this course, as we are informed by a very proud school principal, is the fact that the school made it a condition that if the kids want to learn how to use a PC they have to enroll in Quran classes.

What’s worrying is that neither the teacher nor the presenter on TV saw anything alarming in that, the presenter actually called the press office at the ministry of education asking why had they ignored such an admirable initiative.

It sort of hits you in the face wherever you look. In fact one of the reasons I grew a beard is because it makes life a bit easier.
And that is exactly how we might end up with something like the Islamic Republic of Iraq because sissy queens like me will start growing beards and stop wearing ties to avoid conflict. Mind you, I do think my beard makes me look distinguished but my A-list Bear looks are not helping the cause.
Brandish your razors and make banners of your ties. Clean-shaven and tie-wearing masses of the world unite!

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