Today’s officially endorsed Fat Whiner song is Malcolm Middleton‘s [A Happy Medium] because at the moment, from where I’m sitting, the future does not look that good at all.

The Shia want Shiastan, the Kurds already have Kurdistan and they have both signed a draft, which they think is agreeable to both groups. It is the rest who are being left out and are now trying really hard to fight for the scraps these two groups are throwing at them. And please don’t forget that the ignored groups include secular Arabs who are not really welcome in Kurdistan and won’t find a home in Shiastan.

What the Kurds and the Shia Coalition (grouped around the Iran friendly SCIRI) want is a weak central government which they can easily bypass and start forming their own happy states.

But where do I go?

Let’s assume that by the end of the deadline no one has anything better than the draft that was announced a couple of days ago.
Al-Hakim and the Shia coalition can actually, if they want to, pass the draft and put it up for a referendum. They don’t need anyone’s support since they have the majority plus the signature of the Kurds on the document. Believe me whatever the draft that’s put up for referendum looks like it will be approved. I don’t think there are a lot of people in Iraq who find the idea of having to go thru all this again very appealing.

And we end up with a constitution that assures all that “No law may be legislated that contravenes the essential verities of Islamic law.” And allows SCIRI and Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim to announce the formation of Shiastan without the following 2 weeks.

What happens to me then? The message I get now is that since I am not Shia and not Kurd no one gives a damn about what I think. Oh and Sunnis wouldn’t be too thrilled by the idea of having infidels like me as a citizen of Middle-iraq-istan.

I don’t know what will happen when the deadline approaches but at the moment I feel like if I am not a religious Shia or a Kurd I am supposed to be neither heard nor seen. At least religious Sunnis can say their leaders told them it was against Allah will to play along. But what happens to you if you subscribe to none of those agendas? What happens if you believe that neither religion nor ethnic background is the way you want to be identified? What about just being Iraqi?

Eh, Whatever! You get the picture. Me not happy.

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