What the hell is going on in Najaf? The amount of damage control the Iraqi government has been trying to exercise makes me almost think the shit has hit the fan down there real bad. Al-Jafari is now on TV (00:20) doing some sort of live announcement concerning Najaf!!! I am too low and down to watch it.

UPDATE: it seems that Sadr City is on fire as well. Is it Sadr felxing his muscle again?

and another update (00:46): The commotion is Sadr City only started a couple of hours ago. I am guessing after the minister of defence was in Iraqi TV trying to explain what was going on. Jafari sudden TV appearance was a reaction to what is happening in Sadr City now.

Now al-Jazeera’s ticker thing is saying something about attacks on Badr Brigade in baghdad and a mortar attack on a SCIRI building. The minister of transport and 20 other MPs (all supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr) have suspended their activities atthe National Assembly in objection to what is happening in Najaf. Which really no one knows what that is.

Isn’t it funny how everytime we are close to some big hurdle Sadr acts up like an annoying rash?

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