I’ve been a bit distracted with lining up my duckies for Blogger 12,which doesn’t really mean much at the moment other than sending emails and waiting for answers. I’m not so good with mutli-tasking. And I also do a lot of worrying which takes up a considerable amount of time.

Like many around the world I’ve been watching with disbelief what Katrina left in her wake. For the first time I find MBC 4’s choice to broadcast The Early Show and GMA to an Arab audience of any use. Most of the time I don’t get it but the last couple of days it has been really interesting to watch American TV coverage of the catastrophe.

A man interviewed in Houston who said that it was amazing how fast the situation degenerated to third world conditions made the one comment that sticks to my mind. How within 24 hours they were off the information age and back to what a developing country is like.

I guess part of the shock of watching the situation unfold comes from knowing this is happening in the USofA. Big and mighty USA. It feels like something major has shifted in the perceived order of things. Like seeing things that just don’t seem to make sense and you are trying to reshuffle the index cards in the little [How Things Are In The World] box in your brain accordingly.

Naïve? Maybe.

But with all the mess the US administration has created in Iraq I still believed they were not really putting their weight into it. So it fails? Pffffft, one more failed foreign experiment. But when things seem to be out of tune on home ground……

Little cracks showing glimpses into things that make me gasp in disbelief. What has happened and still is happening is just plain terrifying to watch on so many levels.


What Can I Do? – Antony & the Johnsons (feat. Rufus Wainright).

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