Yesterday a number of honorable members of the Iraqi National Assembly Called for a ONE-MONTH HOLIDAY for the whole assembly!

Honorable members being so very exhausted from the difficult negotiations 10% of the Assembly had to go through to achieve the wonderful all-inclusive draft of the constitution Iraqis feel so happy with, and following the honorable Prophet’s saying: “The believers are like one person; if his head aches, the whole body aches with fever and sleeplessness.” The rest of 90% of the Assembly, which has been doing dick-all, decided that the body is aching for the pains of the head and wanted to take the whole month of Ramadan off.

One foolish MP, deciding to risk the possibility of being throttled live on TV by the rest of the MPs, stood up and said that he doesn’t think there is anything in the TAL that allows for the assembly to excuse itself for a month just because it doesn’t feel like holding meetings during Ramadan.

Disgruntled murmurs followed. And the issue had to be dropped for the time being.
But I urge the honorable members not to be disheartened by that man’s callous and shocking lack of sympathy for his follow MPs. I remind you, O you honorable public servants, that TAL article (3A) is not only good for extending deadlines but you can use it for any sort of nifty amendment you feel like making.
So go all ye faithful and get the necessary 2/3 for an amendment. Call the month of Ramadan a holiday; hey why not make it a National Holiday. Let’s all stay at home and not work for a whole month. Oh go on, you know you wanna!

The last time the National Assembly added some extra butter on it’s own piece of bread they did it in a closed session without the Iraqia’s cameras. They gave themselves a nice $50,000 bonus, they decided they deserve it and made a legislation to give to themselves. How wonderfully convenient. They seem to have forgotten about the TV cameras this time.

I tell you, the daily Assembly broadcast is still the best show on TV.

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