A New Breed Grabs Reins in Anbar

U.S.-Backed Sheiks Reshaping Own Areas and, Potentially, the Future of Iraq
From the Washington Post

An interesting look at the ‘Awakening’ groups in Iraq and what will happen to them now as the Iraqi government is supposed to take them under their wing.

The two important points the article touches on are
i- how the US backed ‘Awakening’ groups and the tribal sheikhs they support with money are changing the traditional tribal landscape of Iraq. You don’t win over a tribe by handing over power and money to the Thug de Jour only so that he gets on your side.. what happens when you start paying him? and does he really have the support of the tribe or is it just the money talking?

ii – how these Sunni ‘Awakening’ fighters, many of whom changed sides from supporting Al-Qaeda to supporting the US only because there was more money being paid out by the US, how these fighters will react if the current government does not put them on its payroll as members of the Iraqi police and army?

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