Jazzy Al gives you some ‘3.0 Unported’ lovin’

I don’t know who else is doing this but Al Jazeera has launched a site offering high quality news footage under Creative Commons licenses.
Their ‘Creative Commons Repository’ is offering at the moment a number of clips from Gaza under an ‘Attribution 3.0 Unported’ licence which apparently means bloggers and filmmakers are allowed to use, remix and edit with attribution.
I wonder who else is doing this and how soon will there be enough of this for me to do my own web global news video?

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5 Responses to “Jazzy Al gives you some ‘3.0 Unported’ lovin’”

  1. stavrogin Says:

    hi salam,
    i was a regular reader of riverbend(a blog run by a iraqi girl during the war). her last update was on october 22,2007. i have just been wondering if she is ok or something’s happened to her. any reply will be greatly appreciated

  2. kuz Says:

    Just read your Guardian piece. Good luck with going home! I’m looking forward to your updates. I very much enjoyed your book and attended one of your speaking events in Sydney when I was there a few years ago. I will be watching this blog closely from now on.

  3. takhalus Says:

    congratulations on your long journey back to Iraq..but as they say you can never really go home again

  4. tsedek Says:

    Where have you been????

  5. Mister Ghost Says:

    LOL, I’m thinking of starting an Internet petition to have you rename this blog, Last Of The Gay Iraqis. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    Mister Ghost
    Renaissance Man

    PS: WordPress although it’s a pain in the bleep to learn and install is better than Blogger.

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