Booms per minute

I was planning on going to the book market today. It is usually busy on Fridays with people who are selling books from their own personal libraries and collections setting up stalls there on weekends. But I was told I should still avoid big public gatherings on weekends. Probably good advice. I’ve heard two explosions between nine and eleven this morning. Nothing close enough for me to see anything but hear a deep booming sound.
My cousin who works in al Mansour district says they’ve the sound of at least 6 mortars and my mother’s friend who came to visit from the east of Baghdad says there was an explosion near them yesterday as well.
The sounds of explosions and gun shots are still not as frequent as I remember but clearly it isn’t all gone. And we should expect it to get worse as the election date nears.

One Response to “Booms per minute”

  1. Shirow Says:

    I’m sure its something that no one could ever get used to.
    Are the explosions coming from the same areas every time? like heavily populated areas and Government buildings?
    I guess you don’t need an alarm clock at least…

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