Second provincial council candidate assassinated in two days

Iraqi TV station, al-Sharqyia, reported today on the assassination of Hassan Zeidan al-Lihebi at his home, 60km south of Mosul. Al-Lihebi wes campaigning for a seat in the Council of Mosul in the coming provincial elections.

According to Sharqyia the suicide bomber walked into al-Loheibi’s house and blew himself up as he approached him. Hassan Al-Lihebi was heading the ‘National Front for a Free and United Iraq’, part of the ‘Iraqi Front for National Dialogue’, one of Iraq’s larger Sunni political parties.

This is the second assassination of a provincial council candidate in two days. Yesterday Haitham Kadhim al-Husaini a shia cleric campaigning for a seat on the council for Babil province was shot during a campaigning event. [NYT: Gunmen Kill Iraqi Cleric Campaigning for Council].

A harsh reminder that the situation can take a bad turn at any moment. Which raises my concern is for my father who is once again out and about everyday managing the election campaign for a member of the Iraqi National Accord.

UPDATE: Reuters says that Lihebi was not running as a candidate himself but rather he led the party’s campaign in Mosul.

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