A museum is opening.. just not the kind I would really like to visit

Nightly News video : Iraq’s ‘Torture Museum’ shows off Saddam’s crimes.
(for some reason I can’t embed the video.. so go have a looksee yourself)

first two notes on the report itself..

1. After all these years of US presence here would FRIGGIN stop prnouncing the name of my country as ‘AI RAK’… it’s ‘EEEERAK’… and this applies to Iran as well… please.

2. Why on earth do US news channels get access to this when we haven’t heard about it at all in Iraq?


It seems there is a new musuem in Baghdad… a ‘torture musem’. Not really looking forward to that opening.. would rather hear when the Iraqi National Museum will be opening its door to the public.

From the video it almost looks lilke this ‘torture musem’ is being put together from things the US governemnt has given back to the Iraqis.. one metal pole from which people were hung has an FBI sticker on it and boxes have ‘Saddam’ written on them in English.. another gift from the US governemnt? oh and the hole in which Saddam was found is being ‘replicated’! Hurrah!

Anyway.. I won’t be visiting.. too macabre.

But I am looking forward to the documents the reporter said are going to be put online by the museum. That will be worth taking a look at.

3 Responses to “A museum is opening.. just not the kind I would really like to visit”

  1. Grimmtooth Says:

    On (1) – I always thought that was just an accent thing. For example, someone from that part of the world might pronounce California “Kal Eee For Eee Ya” as opposed to the native “Kal Ih Forn Yah”. The leading edge, or maybe the trailing edge, of a Great Vowel Shift in the English language.

    Every time I try saying ‘Iraq’ the way you might, I feel like a poser trying to be cooler than I really am. πŸ™‚

    So … no offense meant, we’re just a bunch of provincials. πŸ™‚

  2. Joe Shope Says:

    I am glad you posted the link on Dear Raed. I kept the link since the days of the War to rid Iraq of Saddam. I am eager to read more about life in Iraq, and have read through your prior entries.

    I agree that most Americans have no concept of life in Iraq. The news is filtered and rehashed in so many ways that the story they report on one station is the same one you get on the others, in the newspapers, and in the news magazines. There are sources that provide diverse and valuable news, but the volume of sources for the “mainstream media” is overwhelming for the average person.

    I wholeheartedly endorse the freedom of Iraqis to choose their own government and commerce. I acknowledge that this process is slow and painful and I salute the American, British, and Iraqi military for doing what is necessary to allow it to proceed. I don’t always agree with your views of history or Americans, but I will share your voice with anyone who will listen.

  3. Jodhi Says:

    Your return has been long awaited. Count me as one of your admirers.

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