.. and another not very welcome re-opening this month

After the news that a ‘torture museum’ is opening soon here’s another re-opening you might not really want to put on your social calnedar… Abu Ghraib reopens this month! *shudder*

It’s being renamed (rebranded?) as Baghdad Central Prison!

Abu Ghraib set to reopen as Baghdad Central Prison – International Herald Tribune

5 Responses to “.. and another not very welcome re-opening this month”

  1. Martin Says:

    I do wonder if it wouldn’t have just been better to knock that place down and build something new. By all accounts its reputation under Saddam was even worse than during the US abuse scandal.

  2. Cujo359 Says:

    They’d do well to tear it down and put something useful in its place, I suppose. Still, nothing succeeds like just giving something horrible a new name. Our (U.S.) government does that all the time. I suppose it’s only natural that Iraq would pick up that habit from us.

  3. nunya Says:

    Nice to see you are blogging again 🙂

  4. salam3laykum Says:

    Hi Salam,

    I’ve recently started to read your blog from your earliest posts. Its quiete a bit of writing, but it is really nice to get a perspective from Iraq, from an Iraqi, but in english.

    Ana min al-“kharij”. So my reading is ‘imkesireh’.

    Can you give a post about daily life, what it is like in an ‘ordinary day’. How the security is outside? And very curious on my end, cause den infekir of nijee and live there, what it would be like for a “kharijee” Iraqi like me to just come back and live? When I say come back, I mean come for the first time, because I’ve never set foot there.


    • salampax Says:

      hi kharijee
      I would gladly answer your question.. and any other questions you might have.. but doing this in the comments is pointless.. email me. My address is at the top of the blog. More than happy to talk about this. Hope to hear from you soon. Salam

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