Maliki to Biden: There is a new bully in town, it’s me.

Reuters: Iraq’s Maliki says Biden criticism “out of date”.

Joe Biden gets a piece of the new, more assertive Maliki after he chided Maliki on the issue of Kirkuk

“I believe talk about applying pressure on the Iraqi government or taking hard measures against it no longer works”….”Such speech is out of date, because the government of Iraq knows its responsibilities and acts accordingly in a strong way.”

But nothing much has happened to resolve the disputes between Kurdish and Arab factions in Kirkuk. Maliki just doesn’t want to be pushed into action by the US.

5 Responses to “Maliki to Biden: There is a new bully in town, it’s me.”

  1. nunya Says:

    Or have that appearance.

  2. Dogbuff Says:

    well, “the proof is in the pudding” Mr. Maliki, just don’t go and make a big “harissa” out of it!

    Let’s try to be optimistic…not easy


  3. Mohammed Al-Saedi Says:

    I like that, even if it’s built on no firm bases, but the idea that we have someone who says something is a good thing. Who’s Biden to suggest dividing Iraq into Sunni and Shie provinces, what does he know?

    and then again, the dispute over Kirkuk is not as easy as it seems, but hopefully we can fix it with out any Bidens involved

  4. lahru Says:

    I’m surprised that he is that cordial to anyone from our government after all of the suffering we have brouhgt to his country. If I was an iraqi I would tell Obama and Biden that we have had enough of your help and can you guys leave now, I think we can take it from here.

  5. Needlenose » Blog Archive » Maliki to Biden: Reconcile *this,* buddy Says:

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