The mysterious ‘Future Iraq Assembly’ strikes again.


for a better and clearer image click here

The Iraqi version of Victor/Victoria? ad for a sex change clinic?

nope, it’s another campaign calling us to unite.. it’s just striking an odd note with that image.. don’t you think?

I have no idea who they are but this ‘Future Iraq Assembly‘ always fills the airwaves and billboards with patriotic ads. Very shiny ones with very unlocal production values…. Very US-ian.

Anyway, their latest effort is just a bit weird. The TV ad is fine, it shows a series of ‘Iraqis’ telling the camera what defines us as Iraqis.. the tag line being ” whatever our differences, Iraq unites us”. All good.

The print ads though are a different story. Someone with a great sense of humour must have worked on them. It’s too good, do you think they put the guy on the left in drag to make it match so well? Love it for all the wrong reasons.

9 Responses to “The mysterious ‘Future Iraq Assembly’ strikes again.”

  1. 2nd class citizen Says:

    American racists like to claim that races which display low amounts of sexual dimorphism (that is where the race in question shows little difference between the sexes aside from sex organs — as in almost all animals) are inferior races. This poster, showing the similarities between a man and a woman with respect to nose size, facial bone structure, mouth size, and eyebrow size, not only has obvious American production values (you see this type of image created from two faces frequently in the U.S.), but the use of different genders incorporates American race theory as well. This application of race theory to non-Arab races is strictly forbidden in the U.S. Arabs are, however, the one race against which racism is not only tolerated in the U.S., but actively encouraged — from the interpersonal relationship all the way up to the relationship between person and state.

  2. nunya Says:

    I don’t think the faces match all that well. I can see what the message was supposed to be, because I am American, and Americans don’t have a problem with “Hey, we’re all in this together, men, women, black white, green, purple, whatever.” I don’t believe for one minute that the message will cross cultures, and I fail to see what “2nd class citizen” sees as racism.

  3. hi hi Says:

    salam, did you see their website? i’m sure u did

    did you read the “who we are” ?

    It is simply the “watchful eye” over Iraqi interests.

    they sound like the uncle no one’s ever heard about.

  4. hi hi Says:

    second comment :s

    i’m optimistically hypnotized by that tv ad. lol.

  5. hi hi Says:

    w00t ! comment #3,

    I remember they’ve been airing this on satellite for a long while now (over a year i think?)

    I just saw like 5 of the commercials through the website.

    thats it. they won me over. i’m convinced.

  6. Valarie Says:

    I found your blog because my class (at a U.S. university) on “Arab folklore” is using the book Salam Pax: The Clandestine Diary of an Ordinary Iraqi as a text. We argue about whether you are “real” all the time : )

    Just thought you’d be amused to hear that Americans are reading your book as a text of the Second Gulf War!

  7. Rob Says:


    Just found your blog through Andrew Sullivan and thought you’d be interested to know that whoever is producing these, their drawing on advertisements in the United States for the NBA basketball playoffs. Oddly, the underlying themes of the NBA commercials is that “there can only be one” so essentially one of the two halves has to defeat the other. Hopefully not what their going for here.

  8. anon Says:

    This is reminiscent of a series of NBA (professional basketball) advertisements of a year or so ago, which ran in US markets.

    The premise: that the stars of each team, despite wearing different uniforms, were alike/unified in the same goal (notably, an NBA championship).

    So, whichever advertising team ripped that off for Iraq repurposing believes (or wants the viewer to believe) the differences amongst the various factions in Iraq are of no more consequence than the difference betweeen, say, a Los Angeles Laker or Boston Celtic.

  9. Halahil Says:

    You are fucking hilarious!

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