The opening of the Iraqi Museum

The opening of the Iraqi Museum – check out the set on Flickr.

The Iraqi Museum was opened today. I wasn’t invited 😦 so I stood at the fence and took pix.

3 Responses to “The opening of the Iraqi Museum”

  1. Sami Says:

    Thank you Salam for visiting the museum and posting the pictures for us. I was hoping that I can be there too. I don’t know if it is now opened for us. Anyway hope that one day we can get inside there.

  2. Tor Hershman Says:

    Moi wouldn’t have been invited, either.

    Your blogs are most interesting.

    Stay on groovin’ safari,

  3. Kevin Morrow Says:

    Hey, Salaam. This is good news. I’ve read about the pillaging of the Iraqi Museum, which made me heartsick, as a lot of the museum’s best pieces were ones which I have been reading about since I was a kid. I admit it: I’m an archaeology geek. anyway, this is good news.


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