Blog Flashback | 22.03.2003

The first entry in my notebook is from the 22nd of March. We still had electiricity intermitently and I was able to post these two entries online before we totally lost all electircity and internet access.

The original post can be found HERE. I won’t be re-posting, I’ll only refer to the old posts if I had something to add.

Half an hour ago the oil filled trenches were put on fire. First watching Al-jazeera they said that these were the places that got hit by bombs from an air raid a few miniutes earlier bit when I went up to the roof to take a look I saw that there were too many of them, we heard only three explosions. I took pictures of the nearest.

I can’t find those photos, but the video below shows how it would have looked liked when these black oil filled trenches were set on fire. We thought this was going to last much longer and were worried the heavy black smoke would stay in the air for days. If I remember correctly they were only lit for a couple of days then they ran out of oil and no one came to fill the trenches again. The Iraqi army in Baghdad would have dissolved into thin air by then

guerregrab[wordpress wouldn’t let me embed the video, click on image to go to Dailymotion for full vid]

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