Blog Flashback | U.S. War Propaganda

More coalition leaflets collected from trips around Baghdad at the early days of the war. Click on the image to see larger, both sides and translation of text.

“Attention all Special Republican Guards!
The coalition forces are comiing to rid Iraq from Saddam and his regime. You should not have to suffer their fate.”

“While your families struggle to stay alive. He lives in riches.”

“The coalition forces are commited fully to the liberation and well being of the Iraqi people. Your cooperation will expedite the arrival of humanitarian aid to the Iraqi people.”

5 Responses to “Blog Flashback | U.S. War Propaganda”

  1. CMAR II Says:

    Ah! The good ol’ days!

  2. John Kusch Says:

    Perfect propaganda: completely true *and* completely false.

  3. Matt Cadwallader Says:

    Good thing they told the Iraqi people not to riot. That worked out well. Seriously, if the coalition saw this coming on its fliers… how could they justify the lack of police enforcement?

  4. Jonathan Hopper Says:

    Is it just me, or do these look very….amateur. They look like something you would hand out to prompt a local school concert, not something the US military would put together.
    Or are they in keeping with an Iraqi ‘look and feel’?

  5. Global Voices Online » Iraq: Six Years On Says:

    […] the Iraq blogging phenomenon looks back six years to the beginning of the war. In a series of posts, Salam reveals previously unpublished notes from the days he did not have electricity to blog. His […]

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